(born May 17, 1975) is an african-american singer from Hawaii notable for his romance songs who originally began his music career in 1996 with his debut album "Slide This Way", which featured his debut single "Just The Way You Are". He originally had a record deal with Sony BMG, but then decided to temporary quit his career in 2008 when Sony announced that BMG would shut down permenatly after the company was completely sold to the Sony Corperation of America. He eventually re-launched his career in the Fall of 2009 when he signed a new record deal with Elektra Records, he also re-released his debut album "Slide This Way" a year later, which led to the singer's modern day popularity. Notable Singles "Just The Way You Are" (1996) "I Want You Back" (1997) (featuring Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds) "She Got a Groove Thing" (1998) "Nothing" (1998) "I Just Can't Stop" (1998) "One Damn Thing" (1999) "Hands in the Air" (2000) "Marry You" (2001) "Rocketeer" (2002) (featuring Akon) "The Lazy Song" (2004) "Fuck It" (2004) "Your Style" (2005) "Crazy Love" (2007) "Grenade" (2008) "The Other Side" (2010) (featuring Cee-Lo Green and B.o.B.)


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